Walking the Line

Well, today I got a confirmation that what I suspected and felt was real. Roxy got stuck on the Dark Side when this happened. You see, she can walk that line between light and dark. I think she is the only one that has that ability but there may be one other I am not sure. Chamille. I keep hearing her name too, just like I heard Roxy. I don’t know for sure yet.

I know from what Roxy tells me that the Light Ones were “swept away… boof! gone! all gone!!!” Not a good sign but it is what it is right now and right now I am going to stop because I am pissed off because I need to get somewhere and my way of getting there is ignoring my calls.


Anxiety is the Feeling of the Night

Here I am again. Sitting on the love seat alternating my gaze between the screen and Pixie rolling around on the couch next to me. Well, now just the screen. Pixie decided to run over to her cat tree just so she could skid, bump her head on the floor and roll around on it. Not her head, the cat tree and the floor lol.

Anyway, I can’t afford to just sit here when I should have no more than 20 minutes before the bf gets back. Oh… that was at 9:05pm and it is now 9:35pm. Am I surprised? No. Am I going to continue writing this? Yes. I figure that if the 1 hour time frame he gave me earlier turned into 4 hours, so it just makes sense that the 20 minute time frame should be about an hour and a half. So by that I have an hour more to myself.

Well, I am still confused. Still overwhelmed. Even feeling quite anxious at times. Because when I was on the phone with the bf, I asked how things went… and I got the third degree. “Why all of a sudden do you need to know everything I do?” “You never used to be like this.” When I got up this morning, he had his jacket on and looked as if he was on his way out or just coming in so of course I asked what anyone would… “Are you going somewhere?” I also got the third degree then. “Why do you need to know? Do I need to tell you everything I do now? You were never like this before.” Well, la-di-da. News to me. No, really, it’s news to me. I guess The Body never questioned him. His reaction was so strange to me that I actually asked a friend jokingly if she (The Body) really never said anything. She said, no, she didn’t, whatever he thought was best was it and if he didn’t want to say or just be vague she didn’t argue.

I was like, Oh crap. How do I explain the sudden changes if I have to?? It’s not as easy as let’s say, changing your shampoo. You don’t usually notice a huge difference. But these differences seem to be totally opposite. I mean she never seemed to question him. And here I come with questions. How was I supposed to know this detail before? I don’t know how any of them acted, how they talked, reacted etc. I’m on my own here and all I can do is me.

I’m only focused on this now because it seems to be causing problems. I’m only asking casual questions, nothing invasive like, what is the address, what time is your interview, who is it with, how long is it… more like these… where are you going? (I didn’t know it was for an interview and paperwork for a job until much later) All I was told before he left was he was going to fill out paperwork and he was fussing about not having gps and it was 45 minutes away. I still have no clue what the job is, where it is, or anything else. Hey, at least I know it was for a job. It’s been at least a year since he has worked. A YEAR. No reason he can’t work a job, he is just above that. He needs something that will let him work where and when he wants. Well, actually, if he gets a job with regular hours, he won’t have it long. He couldn’t be on time if his life depended on it. And I will not be his alarm clock. Not my responsibility. He’s a grown man for god’s sake. I’m realizing that he will always find a way to put the blame anywhere else but himself.

Ok, major anxiety kicking in here, I’m not sure what mood he will be in when he gets back here and I don’t know how I will handle it. I’ve not been in this situation long. Follow my instincts is all I can do. And keep my phone close. I have to stop here just in case…