Hindsight Isn’t Always 20/20

Ya wanna hear something interesting?  I’m not sure just how bad the repercussions of thinking what I did at the time was the right thing but… The Body had lasik. went through all the pre screening and all that stuff. Passed with flying colors for a candidate.

So, I had it done. It was awesome! I had help when it came to them lasering my eyeballs…. I didn’t have to deal with it. Hahaaa! But, there were one or more that did deal with that. It’s a very frightful eye surgery. I mean they zap your freaking eyeball with a LASER! And your eye is OPEN at the time just inches away from the laser! Cool! I was able to be texting on the ride home. I had to wear special dark glasses to protect my eyeballs. Wouldn’t want them popping like grapes in the sun. (I’m cracking myself up here!) That has never happened as far as I know lol. (the grape thing, I crack myself up all the time lol) No glasses except for the dark ones and then I was able to just wear sunglasses for a while. It was great, no more glasses, problems with contacts, none of it! 20/20 vision!!

When I said I had help when they did it, the others whisked me away to “My Happy Place”. In other words, no one really has to carry the memory of exactly what the surgery was like during it. I get a flash now and then of the one who took the ordeal of having the eyes lasered. I would love to watch something like that (not on me while it’s happening, but a video replay would have been cool) but no one else in The Collective would be able to stomach it so they took me away and the procedure was over. I understood. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would traumatize any of the others.

What I remember was laying down on the table and then telling the surgeon I was going to my happy place… and the next thing I remember is realizing I could see well enough to text on the ride home! They do not sedate you, you have to be awake. During the in between time when I have no memory one or more of the others dealt with the procedure and locked it away. So there is obviously someone else in here that can deal with gory things like that happening to The Body.

Ok, why did I say hindsight isn’t always 20/20? I’ll tell ya. It seems that I am one of the only ones who has the original benefit of the lasik. None of us ever thought about what could happen being a multiple. Well, we found out that not all of us have the same benefit as me. Some of them have trouble seeing clearly. Nothing that would require glasses, but there are one or more that even glasses wouldn’t help. Actually, if The Body were to require glasses ever again, we would need more than one pair. Even when we wore glasses, or were supposed to wear them… depending on who was out front and how strong or how much influence they had also decided on what the vision was. For example Chamille never needed the glasses. She couldn’t see through them and her vision was fine without them.  Others would get bad headaches wearing them and some would still need to use older glasses that were a lesser strength or different type. When The Body first got glasses, this was in grade school I think, apparently the one who had the exam and picked out the glasses was not the one who received them. The little girl who had to wear them was not a happy camper, the lenses were fine and she could see but the frames… omg she kept up insisting they were not the ones she picked and wanted the parents to fix the mistake and get the right frames. (Now that childhood thing is actually when hindsight IS 20/20 because I understand that incident now.)

Moral of this is if you are DID please make 100% sure of what you may do to your body… lasik is one good example. If someone would have told me what happened to me I don’t think I would have been able to get it done but I did. Can you imagine the conversation with an eye doctor about why I’m there? HA!   Tattoos may be another example for some but not me, everyone likes our tats.

Ok, Catch ya again sometime.