A Day In The Life

Good Grief Charlie Brown! That title, a day in the life… well it’s more like how many “days’ can we fit in one 24 hour period. I’ve never really counted. (The Watcher has already set alarms for the necessary things to get done tomorrow so she can relax.) For the most part interactions and conversations, while sometimes taking a little longer than ‘normal’ to remember do get stored and remembered. The things that we don’t usually have access to are the events that caused the shattering in the first place. We wouldn’t want people to think they could say or do anything and we wouldn’t remember it… but that isn’t true, it may take a while for the one who holds the information to get it to whoever is out front or The Watcher but it gets there.

A typical day whether we were working at the time or not can go something like this: (It isn’t always everything all the time but this will give you an idea of what can happen at any given time for us)

  • Wake up not sure what date it is, sometimes thinking about what we want to do that day that probably has nothing to do with whatever is/was planned for that day.
  • Sometimes waking up realizing things are not like they “should” be. For example wondering why and when the bedroom furniture was rearranged. We have a tapestry on the ceiling and lately when we go to bed and turn out the light that thing scares us half to death for a split second until the ones who know about it come and help.
  • Deciding what to eat or make. That can be a real ordeal. This is hard to explain right now but if Roxy is the one making lunch or dinner and someone else comes forward later on, they may wonder how long that was there and why on earth did we make it. Roxy will usually step in and clarify, if not her then one of the others who was around at the time.
  • Getting dressed. I don’t even want to go there right now because we have to decide what to wear tomorrow to an appointment and who knows who is going to be in front.. it may end up looking like a tornado hit the bedroom and closet… oh that is a big problem when there is a lot of switching like there is now. Have you any idea how many different outfits each one who is out front will try on until a compromise is reached? OMG it’s awful!

There will be more added here but not now, I am tired and I didn’t even get to relax today or get some paperwork completed because Roxy was out and helping me (by shoving me back so I couldn’t really do much about it) take care of a potential issue for some of us. So I gave her a break because what she did was critical to The Collective’s functioning and well being. Just satisfied some of the more skittish ones privacy concerns. Went back to a system we used a lot in the past that worked well and with the more knowledge we gain about ourselves the easier(?) or more manageable I should say it becomes.

Anyway, for now I will say it sucks to find it’s 11pm and it feels like my day is over but it  isn’t over.  I need time to wind down and relax after realizing I lost time and had to figure out who did what and was happy to find that the important stuff was done before Roxy stepped in. (Yes, what she did was very important and worth losing time)


More to come…