Why Are We Still Awake?

OMG. (That was the only comment whoever started this made… lol)

This sucks so bad. It will sometimes be right before sunrise that The Body gets to go to sleep… finally. The problem is that there is only 1 Body and many share it. This post was started around 4am on 11/20/13. That was the compromise, they could start a draft, title and brief comment. Someone still wants to make peanut butter cookies late at night… nononoooooo!

Then once we finally reach a compromise or there is just no more staying awake… The Body could crawl up to bed… and even then it’s a race to fall asleep before the sun peeks into the bedroom. Sometimes the couch is just easier. This is a new issue and we know it’s due to the amount of stress The Body is under right now… as well as the length of time we’ve been under this stress. It’s been months like this now….

It’s not that we don’t get tired, we do but not everyone inside is on the same sleep schedule… I swear some don’t sleep at all. I know when the time for calm inside is starting because I can feel at least one (rarely more than one at a time) dreaming. That is a good thing at night because it means the sleep window is opening!!! It’s a unique sensation and for someone who is not a multiple I don’t think you could really understand that. For us, it’s just part of life as we have always known it. Had no idea singles didn’t experience the same things we do on a day to day basis. It’s pretty interesting the more we finally talk more openly about it. ~The Watcher

Good lord what the fuck?!… on Letterman there is this chick with short blonde hair and all she is talking about is crapping her pants???? Yea, channel changed. Wtf is wrong with people? Fuck this shit. ~Bitch

(Oh god that was totally unintended pun, we’re giggling but she isn’t she just took off somewhere we can’t feel her right now… maybe she went to sleep??)

I’m going to stop now and need something funny to watch or maybe CSI. (Yea that didn’t happen yet…) ~Watcher

(This is a conglomeration of us posting… it’s like herding cats on crack inside right now so it’s best we stop lol) – That didn’t happen either obviously.

Oh great we changed to Leno and he has KLG & HodaWoman on and now this is freaking us out because they are a morning show on a late night show… fuck fuck fuck … this needs to be changed too…(Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have anything against any of these shows just Jennifer Lawrence’s graphic shit talk.) ugh Weather Channel. Nope. Showing a segment on severe weather… too exciting, we love (well some of us) severe weather…

Everybody Loves Raymond… lets try that. This just keeps getting better… lmfao Frank wants to take his pants off. Maybe he should tell that to that to Jennifer Lawrence so she can stop crapping her pants. Anyone who has watched Raymond knows how Frank is always getting yelled at by Marie about keeping his pants on lmao! (Some are still cracking up over that… lmao)

OIY! Good thing The Body was so exhausted today we just passed out on the couch and slept for a few hours… take it when you can right? We’re still so tired that it’s just like zombie chaos inside lol…

Stopping now… (?) Who knows when we will go to bed for the night or where it will be… hmmm. couch? bed? confuses my cat? yes.

~A variety of us within The Collective as well as The Watcher