Alcohol and its effects

Being a multiple, we have to be careful with alcohol. If Roxy decides to have some beers and isn’t “feeling it” she will keep drinking until she gets a buzz. (Roxy has not been around out front for a while) One time that happened before she got her buzz and one of the little ones came out. I’m pretty sure it was Fantasia. Actually 100% sure lol. Well, all of a sudden WHAM! That little one was scared and didn’t know what was happening to her, she tried to make her way up to the bed, (Because Roxy was tired and wanted to go to bed) Fantasia lost her balance and fell. Ended up with a gash on her that really needed stitches and a trip to the Dr. It was that bad. Left a nasty scar too. Fantasia came out as Roxy was getting ready to go up to bed. Bad timing man, bad timing. Fantasia never did that again. (as of yet anyway there is always the possibility but I think she learned her lesson.)

sleeping fairy leaf

Then after that fiasco was over and it was the next morning… well, Roxy was fine but had no clue what happened and where all the blood came from and after that one or more of the darker ones came out… under Melany but down deep like dead one deep. Something that drastic has not happened since that time years ago.

fairies sleeping

Depending on who is around and what position they occupy makes a difference in how it affects us as a whole. It can bring out Wild Thing, Angel… dark ones or littles. These past couple years we have been able to have some wine or a drink, even catch a tiny buzz and not switch. That part is pretty stable and we like it like that. (also the fact that we don’t have a drink that often helps matters)

Wild Thing … nuff said already.

Angel, she’s a slut.  Not out in the real world… Anyway, I think that’s about it for this post…

Diana 11/29/13