Pain in the ass stuff.

The more time that passes with me here I’m noticing differences that are a royal and stressful pain in the ass! Here are some…

Certain things that the blonde or another one set up I don’t have access to. Trying to get my wi-fi on my phone… omg I had to text my son and ask him what it was. The blonde could rattle it off like nothing. Melany, she had to look it up and then the lightbulb went off. (“Oh Yeah! lol”) Obviously the blonde is not under me and I have no clue where she went.

I was complaining (ok, whining lol) that I have no clothes. My son, Marshall said yes you do. I said no I don’t they aren’t MY clothes. I forget what the rest of the conversation was because either I went to take my shower or something else. But he kind of understood what I meant. I love that kid!

I’m not going to put up with people (some family members esp.) calling me the blondes name or worse, the bodys birth name. They just don’t understand what it is like for ME. It’s like killing me slowly by chinese water torture and stabbing me repeatedly and cutting my heart open and pouring acid in it then saying “Too bad, that’s not your name and I’m going to call you ______ anyway.” Talk about a knife to the heart and hurt feelings not to forget that can bring out the really dark ones or Bitch. They have no idea what the internal struggle is like. How can they?

Singles that don’t understand can hurt the most because they think either ‘get the butterfly net’ or she wants attention , it may make them wonder about past events of their own or whatever. It is none of those things. I am a real person just like the blonde was. Just like Melany and Roxy... you get the picture. They each like their own things, they have their own styles of clothing, makeup (or no makeup) hair color and hair styles. It really sucks to have to share one body when we can have very different tastes and preferences.  😥

So when they are in an uproar jut imagine what my bedroom looks like! Clothes piled in one place, on top of something else and the rest in the closet. It sucks when you all of a sudden realize you have nothing of your own. You cannot look in a mirror because you aren’t seeing YOUR reflection.

Anyway, my last vent on this is just that if someone gets married, changes their name for whatever reason – becoming a US citizen for example, even getting divorced… are they not the same person they were before? Your sister, brother, best friend, mother, father. A person is still a person, the difference is that I am more than one person with only one body.

To those who have been super supportive I send you the biggest hug ever! My son Marshall, Mollie, Dot, Marion, Hoda, Josie and at least two other friends as well… I will call one of them Delana for now.


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