To Infinity And Beyond!

Picture the entire universe as well as beyond what you may believe to be the final frontier…. that is us.

The Collective.

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You look into that deep dark sky with its pinpricks of light, its faint swirls against the black of the sky… planets, stars, nebulas (or is it nebuli? lol)

Black holes, constellations, supernovas, comets (and NO the next one was not going to be cupid… ;p)

Black Holes. Black Holes would be DieAnne. I need to let her stay asleep so no more about her for now.

Saturn and her rings…. Saturn would be one of the stand alones like say, Melany. The rings would be her “entourage” of the dark ones. Keeping them close.

Pluto the planet that was but then wasn’t but might be again.

Jupiter and her moons…

The Sun. The sun would probably represent Bitch. Get to close physically or emotionally she will burn you up… the comet threatening to hurt one drawn into the sun. Phhht! Gone.

The Moon. Dark and Light. Pitted with craters. Hurting. Waiting for the next impact or uninvited being to land on her.

The Earth. The earth would probably represent the vast differences we have as well as the similarities. The melting pot. (Not to be confused with Melding.)

Mars. Mars the mysterious red planet.

If you see a shooting star, that would be Fantasia 🙂

I will go on with this another time because I’m tired. I am finding blogging instead of journaling therapeutic and more helpful for mapping but for tonight… I will stop, curl up on the couch and probably fall asleep before the first commercial of what ever show I choose on the DVR lol

Diana (12/16/13)

5 thoughts on “To Infinity And Beyond!

  1. I really like the images and metaphors you’ve painted here — I love to think about the universe and even think about my own system in these terms 🙂


    1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to map my system for years mostly unknowingly but for some reason last night it clicked! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and your comment. 🙂


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