Stuff that really sucks.

I’m just warning you…. I’m fucking pissed off. I am realizing that the blonde was quite different from me.

I swear someone removed her on October 8th and plopped me in her body. I’m working around that in my own weird way. With a weird friend helping it works out good lol.

Marion of the Platinum Star, you know damn well that’s you lol.

Am I mad that something didn’t work out tonight? No, not mad. Unless I should be then I will be, but I don’t know yet.

Am I mad about my situation with housing? Nope.

Am I mad about having no money? Nope.

Am I mad that I don’t really know what foods I like? Nope… well kinda.

Am I mad that I can’t do certain things? Um, no, but mmmmaybe yea….

Am I mad I can’t drive? Yea… but what tops the cake?



I find myself wanting to sing…

I try.

It was something that relaxed us and made us feel at peace.

Sound comes out but doesn’t sound much like what the actual artist intended I’m sure.

That my friend is what is REALLY REALLY pissing me off!

It fucking sucks because I have memories playing in my sandbox of a mind of the blonde singing her heart out effortlessly.

Not saying she was any good, but it was effortless for her according to what I am feeling from her.

Well not for me dammit. It’s like the connection is brken.

It’s like someone just shoved a cat turd in my mouth and expected the blondes voice to come out.

Did you notice I “broke” the work “broken” before? lol

Thanks for lending an ear… not as pissed off about it now.


3 thoughts on “Stuff that really sucks.

  1. Sing anyway! I think you are too critical and compare way too much. You can do things the blonde couldn’t, Singing is good for the heart and soul and if it makes you happy sing to your hearts content, How long did the blonde have on you for learning to sing? Think about that….


    1. phhhhttttt lol I know I know… but geeze I’m still upset about it… but not near as much… just another fork in the road and I choose to not eat the turkey before it’s cooked. 😉


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