T’was the night before Christmas…

…and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. (Good thing because Marley the snake would have had an early Christmas dinner lol) 


The Collective was sad because no stockings were hung by the chimney with care, no hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. (After all we don’t have a fireplace lol)

The dark ones were nestled together all snug with Big Mama; While sporadic snapshots of Christmas past ran through their heads; try as they may they couldn’t summon up one real memory.

As for me, Diana, this is my first Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I will be “meeting” my family for the first time tonight even thought we know them in our way. However, they don’t know me. They know the blonde so this should be interesting. I only know them through some of the others memories. Like this past summer’s impromptu pool party at Celine’s. That’s a keeper! I can feel the love still from that time. ❤

The entire Collective were sad about Christmas Eve and Christmases past; Missing back when Mom and Pops were alive (1980 was the last Christmas as a family – I’m going out on a limb here because I have no access to those memories. I’m making an assumption that it was the last family Christmas with both parents alive.)They both passed way too young 42 & ten years later Pops he was 52.)

I can’t remember any Christmas’ not a one. It makes me want to cry but for some reason I do not know how to cry… the blonde does very well. lol

What I remember… Just faded snapshots I may have seen over the years in a scrap-book or photo… No real memories not even as a kid with mom. Not even as an adult with Pops. Just black and white snapshots. (Hey, it’s better than nothing! Right?)

Still, it’s sad and a huge loss… another loss I should say. On the flip side, I am gaining blessings every day! It kind of balances the seesaw. 🙂

Got up around 9:30 or so…

Talking to the universe being sad… asking for my Angels.

Feeling scared and nervous.

Turned on the TV at 10ish to watch the news and then Kathy Lee and Hoda. What do I see on my DVR? 1111. (1111 on xfinity = The Weather Channel)

 This was about 9:30am nowhere near 11 o’clock! That number is the channel for TWC on our cable. Within moments we saw the numbers 1111 again! Then a third time at 11:11am.

To what did our wondering eyes appear, not one but three 1111  messages from above!

 So Big Mama in her kerchief, and I in my scarf, we knew in a moment it was a sign from above.

After noon Big Mama, called out:

“Now, Diana, Now! Gather the others and we will do a nice Reiki session! This will settle you… so put on your headphones and dash away! dash away! dash away all… come with me into the Light and Love of Reiki!”

So we went to YouTube and chose a nice guided Reiki meditation and fell into peace. (Even got a little Reiki Nap out of it!)


This year I get to make my own memories and I am excited, I hope they like me and I’m not too much of a shock.

Maybe I should stick a bow on my head and say “Merry Christmas! Here is your present… You’re “new” sister Diana!” lol

Merry Christmas!