Just DieAnne nothing more. (Well one or two as well lol)

Something is wrong I don’t know what. I hate being here.

I don’t want any of this.

I’ll put links at the end of each of the ones that bring this together.

Diana wants to finish what she promised she would finish for us but with me here and being so strong a presence all she can feel is my darkness and despair along with her feelings. It makes for a big cluster fuck. Diana needs to get some stuff done but with me and some of my entourage being so close… she can’t.

She (Diana) is trying to do what she can to soothe the savage beast – me DieAnne… but not everything I would want.

She did her part and now I have to try to do mine.

I’m just surprised that we are still here. I was having a really rough patch when the date came when the bank took over our home. We are still here, no Sheriff with ejectment papers yet…

… all of a sudden there was a knock on the door and then the doorbell… (That can still strike fear in us) we had to go downstairs… I wanted to punch whoever was there right in the face and say Fuck You and your papers.

These people from the bank are motherfuckers with the shit they pull. (Enter Bitch lol)

Lucky for them (and the rest of The Collective) it was those pests who come around asking about your electricity supplier. I’m surprised they came back to my unit.

The last time they came by was spring time, I was (well, not me DieAnne – it was Bitch) making dinner and chopping up some stuff when the bell and knocking came.. we saw them going door to door so we knew who it was when our bell rang. I decided to just keep what I had in my hand at the time in my hand and if they got to insistent… I would bring that hand into view.

He got insistent and even tried (jokingly?) to invite himself to dinner. (This one wasn’t Curtis from the above pest link). Seriously! I mean come on… if I say no. I mean NO.

So that is when the other hand came into view. He left quick. We’ve had these assholes come around and actually try to get into our condo! Telling us that they needed to see the meter… I was like fuck you get lost you are not getting in my home. I called the cops because he had no ID or anything from the company he “represented” yeah fuck off. (I’m still here too… Bitch.)

Today when they came again… I saw it wasn’t the sheriff but those energy pests again.. I just told them, sorry, I already have a supplier.. and closed the door went back upstairs and had to sit for a bit because we really thought it was the sheriff. Had to catch my breath and let my heart calm down. (Diana)

Diana called the court-house and seeing these assholes (not the court) but Wells Fargo and their hit squad always do things at the end of the week… there is nothing new, nothing to worry about.

For now anyway. You never know with those assholes. They tell you do this do that… then oh, no, sorry do this but now it’s too late and you should have done this or that and let me transfer you… then the people they “assign” to help you.. these “specialists” are just specialists in dicking people around.

Fucking assholes.

Any relief available we no longer qualify for because they – Wells Fargo and their lawyers – Hunt Leibert – went ahead and had yet another hearing without letting me know and now we can’t do anything but wait wait wait wait…

I HATE WAITING. Living in uncertainty is horribly depressing and stressful beyond belief. (DieAnne & Bitch)

I just want to smash something, fucking punch someone anything to get this feeling out of here. I have not smashed anything nor punched anyone out. lol Don’t worry… then again, the day isn’t over yet. lol (Bitch)

I did something small for DieAnne earlier but she wants more and I don’t want to do more. We are grateful for our sister Saki that she had a little time to talk earlier.. that made things a little better for DieAnne. (Diana)

Well, at least we kind of understand why the “waiting” for anything these days is so hard and causes anxiety.

I guess they had their say, so I (Diana) will try to finish what I promised because this one can’t be published without the other 2 being published because they will kind of link together.

Christmas Eve…

Before Christmas… 

After Christmas…  

DieAnne, Bitch and Diana (12/27/13 9:05pm)

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