My Son, An Admirable Man

An Admiral Man

If a man is honest with others

and with himself… 

If he receives gratefully and gives quietly…

If he is gentle enough to feel

and strong enough to show his feelings…

If he is slow to see the faults of others

but quick to discover their goodness…

If he is cheerful in difficult times

and modest in success…

If he does his best to be true to his beliefs…

Then he is truly an admirable man. 

~Author Unknown

This is something I have on a plaque that I have had for a very long time and recently came across… that seems to be happening a lot lately lol.

My son, what can I say, I am so proud of him and my heart bursts with love and gratitude that he is my son and an admiral man!

~Diana (1/9/2014)

Ode to my Mom

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Carol Dziekan ~*~ My Loving Mother

RIP July 17, 1981

~*~ Mom ~*~

A little butterfly floats in the sky.

Someone uncaring captures her, cages her.

Poor little butterfly all alone,

Except when someone passes by on a flowing breeze.

The little butterfly’s spirit thrives on these visits.

Her spirit cannot be broken.

Poor little butterfly, never harmed a thing.

Why you little butterfly so fragile and caring?

Why you?

Written by ~JCD  7/1981

I was talking with Marion the other night and the conversation brought me to one of (if not the last) memory of my mom alive. She passed from an awful death of cancer. What warms my heart is that she passed away in her husbands arms (my Pops). The conversation with Marion sparked a memory so strong that I almost…. almost burst into tears because I felt like I was right there the day before she passed on. I was dropped right into it and the memory has since been locked up again because it is too much for me to bear. That is the curse and blessing with DID.

It shocked me to say the least but then I found the poem I wrote for her before she passed on. I miss her terribly and I figured I’d share this with you.

Love, Diana