Damn lol

I will say that you should read this post by Roxy first before you go any further…

I’ll wait. I’ma gonna grab me my leftover caramel coffee from this morning while you read that post. Otherwise this one won’t make sense.

Well guess what we have. Glasses. Didn’t have a choice and they do help but sheesh I’m glad I was able to get them because it was getting harder and harder to see near or far.

Roxy hasn’t been around too much and at certain points of the day I just knew if there was something that had to be read…. phhht fuck it it wasn’t going to get read by me because I couldn’t see anything but a jumbled mess. Oh, and that worked out even better (sarcasm) when my dyslexia gets worse. I’ve been getting corrected with amounts and words lately a lot. Ugh. Oh well.

So maybe these glasses will help and Roxy can stop trying so hard to stay active.

If you want to see my new glasses… take a meander over to my personal Facebook page then maybe check out my Faces Beyond The Reflection page as well. So far I only have 12 likes but… anything worth doing takes time. If you “like it” then please “like” it. 🙂

See ya! (Haha get it… glasses. see ya. lol)