Put Your Head Between Your Knees and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye?!

Well.. We almost had to do that a few hours ago. What happened at the end of the day could have ended my life, my boyfriends and possibly a few more people. Thank God My Boyfriend was driving my car. (I still have the dizzy/fainting spells so it isn’t safe for me to drive so I do not.)

I’ll start with this, the brakes in our car are not the best. (Fuck it.. they SUCK) They leak and we have to keep adding fluid.

My greatest fear was the brakes going out down Division Street one day. That is a steep-ish hill close by where you want your brakes to work really good if you are headed down it.

If you know the street I’m talking about next time you are going down towards Stop & Shop or CVS, check out the 4th telephone pole before the light at the bottom of the hill by the gas station. That’s where my brakes decided to stop working.

There was a line of cars that were waiting at the light. My boyfriend says “oh Shit! No brakes! Ice?” We had to skedaddle to the right to get away from the cars in front of us getting closer really fast and go between the telephone poles, the snow-covered grass-way on the side and the line of cars waiting at the light. This would have been one of those memorable replays they show a bunch of times on ESPN from a NASCAR race… An “I don’t believe no one got hurt replays.”

Angels were with us for sure. I have no idea how not one scratch or anything got on any car. There are tire tracks in the snow on the side of the road tho… eish!

We made the turn and into the ShopRite plaza. Whew. Then the brakes worked fine so we figured, most likely it was an ice patch?

If we would have ended up hitting the last pole, that would have caused a biiiiig problem at the gas station. Hmm, sparks and gasoline?

We were headed straight for the corner of the Mobil gas station where the last phone pole is and their air station. Obviously we came out of it without a scratch.

Now the cool part, I was not worried, I was kind of in and out of my body during this almost crash. I was serene and not worried at all. Thinking about it now I don’t feel the others who hold the memory of a couple of bad accidents we were passengers in. I felt them really clearly for the past 2 hours and now they are quieting down because I told them I would write it down here so they could let go of it.

Now the even cooler part was that early this afternoon I HAD to do Reiki. (This was before we went anywhere yet.) I felt the Angels wrapping their wings around me protecting me. It was something I’ve – we’ve – never felt before that I can remember. I just sat in a meditative state for about 30 minutes or so and felt like I was with them. I swear it felt like I also had my own wings.

The connection with DID and Reiki is that this incident is helping the meld solidity of all of us. They are trusting me to be doing what they need to feel safe. If I never learned Reiki I would probably have screamed my lungs out and distracted my boyfriend who was driving. That would have ended badly. (That car of ours has been Reikied since the day I drove it home. If any car ever needed Reiki it’s mine lol)

He and I were as calm as cucumbers and just did what needed to be done.

Thankful for the Angels and to be here unharmed and alive ~ Diana