The Lovers VI

Today is a little bit frazzled. Things are different and it’s funny because you can’t always get what you want but when you do… you don’t really know what to do with or about it. lol That’s for another post 😉

I guess “I’ve” been in a rut. Funny how you never seem to notice until you climb out of it. I never know until I’m out of it. Now I don’t know what to do about it. lol That’s also for another post. lol

Anyway this post is about my Daily Tarot Card… it is a good one and one that I have not picked ever since I had these cards. Check it out….

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The meaning of this card is so on point it’s funny because my boyfriend is a Gemini lol. Other things in the meaning are great as well… for example love and relationships are definitely in my life right now. I don’t exactly know how to handle it. It was a random meeting and we have been together every day since.

There are a lot of choices that I have to make in more than one area… with seeing opposites as well as both sides of things… fits me because I am a Libra.

That’s all I have to say about this and I’m happy about this card for today. Does it have any meaning for your life? If it does, share it please!

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Thanks and namaste,

Diana & Melany