The 6 of Swords

I’ve been trying to pull my daily card each day, but I’ve been running into problems. Sometimes I just forget, sometimes I pull one but don’t post it and like yesterday I had a cat problem lol.

Winston on Tarot Deck

He was comfortably sleeping taking over my Tarot Cards and box, my book and the remote lol… I believe I gave up and played some games on Facebook. lol

Today I pulled the 6 of Swords… look here at the card and the meaning….

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The card is on point. I have huge issues going on in my life right now and I do need to be careful and proceed with caution. The part about setting off on a journey or a change of scenery is on point as well. With all this foreclosure stuff… yea, that will be a change alright. Hoping for not too soon tho’.

Maybe the card has a message for you as well… meditate on it and see. 🙂

namaste ~ Diana