The 2 of Swords

My Daily Tarot Card for today:

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I think this card is appropriate for some issues I’ve been dealing with…. open my eyes, trust. I’ve been internalizing everything and not taking the time to realize that even though I know me – most of my Collective anyway lol (The Melding Process is still ongoing and exhausting) – Some I can’t get to so I don’t know them very well. There really is little to fear. I need to stay in the present and keep the past in the past. I find myself getting trapped in the past by issues that trigger us. We have to write them down but we are realizing them and trying to avoid or deal with them when they come up. If something pops up I need to ground myself and I don’t always remember to do so.

I need to take my time and think and realize that I’ve not given thought to how my disorder affects others in my life. Shame on me but I haven’t felt I couldn’t open up about it for all these years. No, the time had to be right. I’m glad I shared this but I (Actually it was Bitch because I – Diana – am a little fuzzy on what actually happened.) also hurt some people, Celine and Saki as well as some of us in The Body in doing so… it’s all a learning experience and it will be an ongoing one.

Well, it’s Valentines Day so we wish you all a Happy Valentines Day! I’m so happy to finally have a wonderfully fantastic boyfriend to share it with!!


~Diana Feb 14, 2014

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