Different Types of DID/MPD

There are certain things that just are for each single individual. YOU. You have your preferred style, hair, clothing, accessories, music taste, tattoos or not to tattoos (lol)… not much changes too drastically…taste in food, reaction to medications…etc….

Same goes for me as a multiple, each of the others within The Collective have their own preferences for music, food, style, hair color, makeup/no makeup… you get the picture. Thank God it’s not every day that there is a major switch/shift. Those are the days that clothing is strewn all over the bed because Roxy wants to wear this and Diane wants to wear that and Wendy doesn’t like either outfit, then Joni pops in and she just decides for them all… and we have a disaster of clothes and shoes and wigs…. to clean up. Ugh!!

One thing I found out is that I – Diana – do not have the allergies that the Blonde had to take Zyrtec for on a regular basis and even then it didn’t stop the allergies totally for her. I’ve not had Zyrtec for the entire time I’ve been here. Well over a month now. That’s at least a $20+ savings a month! Yee HA!! Also one very noticeably different thing besides how I look now is that I won’t drink black coffee. Must have caramel or pumpkin spice creamer in it! MUST!!! It’s an addiction lol.

There is not just one type of DID. There are a few difference types and different causes for the mind to split. Anything from not knowing the reason for the split to Satanic Ritual Abuse. (Just to be clear – I’m on the not knowing end of the scale and my friend Molly was at a different point in the reasons why she split.)

I figured the easiest way to give you some of this information is straight from a book one of us bought a long time ago. This way it isn’t just something that me (Diana) or one of the others posts about our life.

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I hope this helps… you may see some parts highlighted, that was done by one of us years ago.. I don’t know who bought the book or when it was purchased. There are pages with notes and more highlighted parts throughout the book. It helps with handling triggers etc….

Questions, please comment and ask, post on my Facebook Page… no question is a dumb question. Your question just may unlock something for me. Marion has been a great help in asking questions and I have learned a lot from those “dumb” questions 😉

~Diana Feb. 15, 2014

Info from: The Dissociative Identity Source Book by Deborah Bray Haddock, M.Ed., M.A., LP