Simply Drained


I sit here on my love seat drained. Finally the end of the nasty stomach bug I had is here and OMG I wouldn’t wish that bug on my worst enemy. (Hahahaaa I just re-read the first 2 sentences… eiw lmfao!!! Well it is true drained in more ways than one lmfao) My son got to see some of what I have to do to keep the household with water, lit, online, tv, warm… all with no income except what I get from the state (and some friends). He also got to see some of what I have to go through with the foreclosure shit. We went to the court yesterday because I was told I needed to file this and then that.We got our notice to quit but not the official ejectment summons. Served the notice to quit on Monday saying they want us out tomorrow. Phhhht. Jerks. Assholes. Fucking Wells Fargo asshole liars.

(Just so you are aware, it is not only me – Diana talking here, Bitch woke up so I apologize in advance if she offends anyone. I’m too tired to keep her down and passed out.)

So anyway we get to the court and talk to the services clerk and she told not to worry about the papers. I don’t have to do anything until we get served the official ejectment/eviction process papers. She also made sure I had the forms I will need and gave me a copy of what the actual summons will look like. I like her she is helpful and one of the best multitaskers I have seen lol!

It really sucks when it’s all of a sudden 4 in the afternoon and you haven’t had a chance to shower or even eat. I started the calls with the cable, that took a while and then I even had to call them back because my internet still was not working. Then we call the gas company… all to make arraignments not to be shut off. Those calls are not short. There are only so many things you can do at once. I’ve been on the phone with one place and chatting online with another company at the same time. Checking other accounts online too sometimes as well… In between calls I got some of the dishes done. I can’t make any more calls today even of they are there 24 hours a day because if I try to call 211 they have a return call time of 24 hours. Um too long for me.

I still have to look for a place to move to, call the SSI case worker to make sure she knows I went to the appointment Saturday… I think I can leave her a voicemail because it’s after hours now.

Marshall gets to go to work, punch in, punch out. Go home or wherever. No more work until the next scheduled day. Me? No, I don’t get a break. Every day is a ‘work’ day for me. I’ve been punched in now for about a year or more and I can’t wait to punch out. By that I mean punch out of this job of handling the court stuff with the foreclosure, bills that need to be paid, finding and settling into a new place to live. Figuring out assistance, keeping up with DSS and SSI, getting to my appointments which reminds me… I have to call them before 6 so I think i will do that and then pick my tarot card for today… watch for it later…

Hey… anyone want to put me here… 8)belizechair

~Diana (Feb 20, 2014) – with a little bit of Bitch’s commentary lol