Tarot of The Day Info….

The Crystal Tarot Box

I’ve decided to keep the Daily Tarot Cards only on my Facebook page… if you want to see them (probably easier to see them) go there through the link provided and it will bring you to my page “Faces Beyond The Reflection.”

If you like my page, share with others… I won’t mind 😉 The more positivity we get out there in the world the better!

It would be much appreciated if you could either “Like” my page or “Follow”. I’m going to try to do one every day like I used to before my world crashed down on me. Gotta get back up right???  The difference now will be my intent as not only a card or cards for myself but for others who may need a spiritual message or needing to hear something as well.

You may find some or even all are what you needed to hear at the time of seeing the post or it may have no meaning for you at all… which ever it is feel free to comment on what if anything it meant for you.

~namaste~ Diana (Feb 22, 2014)