Daily Tarot: V The High Priest

No teaser today, full card reading right here for you. My intent with picking a Daily Tarot Card is that it has meaning for me as well as you.

V The High Priest

Today’s Tarot Card is The High Priest

The High Priest: Wisdom, learning, knowledge, and intuition will bring together the talents and new ideas you will need for a plan or project.

The High priest is the channel to the spirit world. Your guides are with you, trying to help you, so take heed of their sometimes subtle signs. Focusing your energy on your brow chakra will help, as this is the center of intuition. As well as promoting your psychic abilities, when this energy hot spot is healthy and balanced you will be open to new ideas. Go with the flow of the universe; don’t try to fight it. Your temptation is to fit in with everyone else, but sometimes you have to step out of convention and be free. Let go of ideas, rules, or traditions that are holding you back. This may lead to a chaotic phase, but it will be short-lived as Taurus brings grounding energy, helping your ideas to form into reality.

Herkimer diamond enhances your originality and spontaneity. This will help you deal with any chaos, get back on stable footing, and progress your ideas in your own unique way.

This fits so well for me seeing I am having a hard time today keeping out front… but with a little help from my friends (Celine, Saki, hunnybunny and Marion) I am feeling a bit more grounded. I just have to remember to Just Be ME! Whichever ME is here and for now it’s Diana. So I will either listen to music or watch some tv and roll some cigs and focus on just being.

~Diana Feb. 26, 2014