The 2 of Swords ~ Again!

Seeing this card was already in my blog I will link you to the page here: 2 of Swords

In case you cannot read the info on the card pulled I will write it out here…

2 of swords

2 Of Swords:

It’s as if you are going through a balancing act — there are so many possibilities.  Careful thought about your net action is required, but with wisdom you will make the right choice. Don’t act hastily, but once you come to a decision don’t delay action, because there is a possibility that you may become trapped by your own thoughts. Open your eyes and see the real world around you and you will see there is little to fear. Trust. Rutilated quartz brings balance and calm as well as removing negativity and energy blocks, releasing the energy you will need.

Interesting card for today.

~namaste~ Diana (March 1, 2014)

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