When the Past creeps into the Present… OIY!

I have a very understanding and vocal boyfriend and he noticed pretty quick that we switched. Diana is letting me, Melany, be out front for a while but with me comes the Dark Ones. Something happened at the grocery store and seeing I carry the Dark Ones with me a simple observation turned into a “tiff”.

I have one thing to say, I heard it from Rosie Perez on The Chew today. It struck a deep chord and it was a mental smack to the face. (In a good way – more understanding for us)

Basically what she said was about if allow your past to dictate your emotional responses in the present it is not fair for either party. This is so true and hit home for us big time. Thank you Rosie Perez!

With the dark ones here today, Wendy took a comment wrong and we got that talked about when we got home. The mental smack was us realizing that the past is the past. Live for this moment only because it is the only one we have. Wendy’s reaction was not appropriate for the comment but Wendy is the past, she is stuck there. Wendy feels worthless and that she cannot do anything right no matter how hard she tries to be good and do the best possible of whatever it is she has to get done if I am out especially. (Melany)

We aren’t doing anything wrong but in Wendy’s world we did everything wrong. It’s something to think about for sure. The past is the past and even tho Wendy is the past, we have to work on letting her know and understand that and have her try to observe the present with objectivity and not with her armor on. It gets pretty heavy lol.

~Melany (March 3, 2014

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