Before you eat your next KitKat you need to read this.

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We bought my son a bag of KitKats on Monday at the Seymour CT Stop and Shop. He opened them last night and the second one he opened and ate had glass in it. His buddy was like “Dude, what are you eating? I can hear it crunching..”  He obviously spit out what he had in his mouth and found the glass pieces.

Needless to say we called Stop and Shop and Hershey’s. The information on what we bought is in the slide show so please don’t buy these until Hershey’s checks them out. They are sending us a label etc to send it back to them.

These are the special Easter KitKat Miniatures you see in the slide show above.

Please be careful, you never know what can be in something and who expects glass in their KitKat?

~Diana (March 6, 2014)