Customized DID?

Something that I never dreamed possible happened the other day. One of my sisters “un-sistered” me. lmfao!

She wants nothing to do with me (Diana) (HEY! I’m here too – Bitch) and any of the others except one. Joni. Let’s get Drew Carey. At first I was crushed then I just left it up to… her loss. Hope she doesn’t expect to be notified if I end up under observation again. Only if Joni does.

Idk she shares The Body but I don’t think that matters or counts. Maybe if they were there before, I wouldn’t have spent that time in observation. Maybe DieAnne wouldn’t have done what we had to do. I am struggling really hard against what DieAnne wants and having to compromise again. It’s exhausting.

What do you single people think that a multiple can just snap their fingers and voila! Pick the one they want… like we are The Price is Right?

IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!!! Even we don’t know who is behind this picking and choosing who is here and who is not.

All we get is the Booby Prize and shoved in a corner.

It’s like “Oh you said something that is making me look bad so oh how can you say that?!” when something they deem bad is written they come out and attack… however, when something positive including them is posted not a peep. They have ‘rescued’ us and gave us tremendous support before and we never thought that would be taken away and with one sister she only wants one of us and not a peep from the rest. Her choice and I respect that.

So what would happen if Joni shows up and decides to visit then during the visit in comes Diane or Roxanne… then do we have to leave right away?

When people play the victim it will come and bite them in the ass so I hope they keep theirs covered because there ain’t no victims here! Just the Phoenix rising from the ashes!

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Bitch and Diana (March 6, 2014)

and Bob lol 😉

4 thoughts on “Customized DID?

  1. I can’t stand when that happens. Also, it’s pretty warped of them to, well, basically demand/expect that you (or anyone else) will literally be or become the person they want. For us, the people who demanded that kind of control over the system were also just plain controlling, to the point of actively and conciously abusive. We don’t necessarilly think everyone who does that with systems is conciously doing that. At the same time, however, that undertone is always there, in our opinion.

    tl;dr: You don’t get to define someone else’s identity. Ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s “for their own good.” It doesn’t matter if they “suffer identity confusion.” (It’s also part of why we’re not fans of that particular terminology.) You do not have that right.


    1. I know, let’s see, which person will be allowed here today… It’s wrong wrong wrong. It is not something that a person with DID can just ‘do’… maybe someday. Nothing is impossible. My identity IS my identities!


  2. ooh if it were only that easy to pick and choose…Hey can I make a combination and come up with a new “perfect for me” friend or sister? Seriously people…life and DID do not work that way.


    1. No, it doesn’t. It’s sad when people don’t want you around even when you are still the you they have interacted with all their lives… to be rejected like that hurts. I never knew that Celine only liked one of us. 😦 It’s just out in the open now is all.


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