NASCAR, Showers and a Measuring Cup

Seeing there is so many rain delays I figure I’ll tell ya about my shower. (Get your mind out of the gutter… lol)

Some of you are aware that our hot water heater busted yesterday.Turned off the water to it as well as the gas. No hot water. Plenty of hot water in the laundry room tho. Too bad it doesn’t stay hot. Got most sopped up. lol

Back to my shower. Cold? Hell NO. I’ll figure out something.

Ugh, get downstairs and the sink is full of dishes and the pot I need is in the fridge with some spanish rice and chicken in it.

Transferred the rice into a Tupperware container. Had to let that pot soak. Do not like coming downstairs to a full sink. Pet Peeve of mine. Especially with no hot water to wash them with! I pull up my sleeves and brace for the cold dishwashing adventures I am about to have. Washed the dishes off and put them in the dishwasher.

With that done I filled the pot with water and set it to boil on the stove (I realize now that I don’t have to let it actually come to a boil – no burns, just a couple of scalds lol) I got a plastic bowl and measuring cup figuring that I could use the bowl to mix it to make warm water. Good idea in theory.

I get the everything I needed upstairs before getting the pot of boinking water. Got undressed and went to go get in the shower only to find I forgot the freaking hot water!!! dammit, downstairs I go buck nekkid to grab the pot.

Ok. NOW can we take our shower??? I got a big gigantic resounding NO! The “ear shattering NO” that I got came out the faucet when I turned the water on in the shower… just the no no no no no of a few little drops of water. Apparently when you shut the water to the water heater it also shuts off the water to the bathtub/shower as well.

Lets just say that showering until the water heater is replaced is now a tag team sport. Not cool going back and forth to the sink for cold water trying to take a “shower” by yourself.

Yeah that was my shower experience for today. It’s not funny to me yet. And the shirt I am wearing is from the track when I was able to afford season tickets to BMS.

Diana (March 16, 2014)

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