My Tarot Card of the Day: XVI The Tower

XVI The Tower

My Tarot Card for today: XVI The Tower

Surprising external events may lead to change.

People and things you rely on for support may no longer be there for you. Expect at least one ending, but it does not have to be bad, as with each ending there is a new beginning. Allow yourself to give in to the flow of nature and try to move toward understanding these events. You may find sudden illumination!

It’s time to clear out the metaphoric loft, letting go of the junk from the past and moving on. It can be uncomfortable if you let it, so avoid feelings of insecurity. The Tower can also imply a period when chaos rules. Mars, the Towers planet, gives you the energy to focus and propel you through this stage.

You may need to adapt to changing situations quickly, and Titanium Quartz will support you through this, helping you make decisions and understand the things going on around you It also centers the emotions when you are feeling all over the place. The base chakra holds the energy to drive you forward, to make and accept your transformation.

This card holds so much meaning for what we are going through right now!! I need to get me some Titanium Quartz asap! lol

~namaste ~ Diana