WHAT!? Another Insight?!

I just posted about accidental insights and realized there was another one. It seems that there is an Overlord who decides how we act around others. Interesting discovery… I didn’t know that Overlord was there until yesterday (March 21, 2014).

This Overlord needs to stop. How can anyone find out who they truly are when there is someone pulling their strings? So many insights came rushing in after we (me, Diana) realized that.

We are trying to get the Overlord to just let us “be” so we can find out who we really are – as well as find out more about the Overlord. That’s a new thing we just found out about. It never ends. 😦 Don’t know its name but maybe we’ll just call it Bob for now… lol

Hi Bob!
Hi Bob!

How can you be yourself if someone is blocking you when interacting with others? Who has the authority to alter who we are? When I say “we” here I mean any human on the planet.

How can someone know the real you if you are always censored. And when I say censored I mean act how the Overlord thinks the other person wants us to act. How the fuck can anyone know how someone else expects them to act? How the fuck can anyone get to know all of The Collective if we are censored from the inside?

It seems that is/was one of The Collectives system rules… this is a rule that I – Diana feel should be altered and eventually be erased off the books. I don’t think we need it as it is right now, I think it needs to be relaxed little by little.

That, learning and listening more internally I also claim! Also learning more about being coconscious to make life easier to live.

Coconsciousness is no picnic that’s for sure.

March 22

Another AMEN to that!

~Namaste~ Diana (March 22. 2014)

3 thoughts on “WHAT!? Another Insight?!

  1. A new one? Are you sure? I know I have my inner voice (no I don’t hear anything)it is just something that that tells me I shouldn’t do this that or the other around certain people….and I do listen and adjust. It keeps you in check. it keeps me from running up to a nun and saying how the fuck have you been?


    1. Yup pretty sure. I realized it a few days ago… before the conversation with Saki. It’s not new, just was well hidden. :/ BUT! Now that at least I – Diana know… maybe we can work out this meld a little better and quicker… I can’t rush, but I can be open and aware.


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