Todays Tarot is Six Swords

I’m sorry I’ve been lax in doing this. I need to do it for myself and with the nasty depression and anxiety it’s hard to concentrate. Also with the switches… terrible to keep anything in order. We are just very very overwhelmed and it’s leading to panic… so anyway I will try harder to get my daily card here.

6 Swords

Six Swords is Todays Card

I hope you find meaning with it as well. They have been on the money for me lately lol.

Six Swords: Move forward carefully.

There may be problems in your path, but they are not insurmountable as long as you proceed with caution. Chalcopyrite increases the flow of Chi or Qi, the life force energy running through your body. This will help you overcome any blocks in your way or give you the sense and foresight to avoid them. Your brow chakra is the seat of your intuition; let this guide you like a light illuminating your path to a place of inner peace and understanding. You may be setting off on a journey or needing a change of scenery soon too.

Love and Light

Namaste ~ Diana & Melany