Conversations with The Suzicle

Humor and DID… can they go together? But of course! You MUST find humor in everything you have to deal with if you want to make it through to the other side.

Hi Bob!
Hi Bob!


That pic of Bob is just because I find it funny and it makes no sense at all. lol

Well, every work day for The Suzicle (one of my bff’s – not an altar lol) we talk while she drives home. (She uses a hands free device so it’s legal.) It’s about a good half hour conversation minus the couple of minutes of dead zones. I don’t remember how we got on the conversation of selfies but we did.

Oh! Wait… it was because I was trying to get a good pic of Winston (my son’s cat) because he looked so funny the way he was sleeping. That’s what it was…. ok… then she was saying about how we would take selfies… because we like to take them. Not necessarily posting all of them but she was cracking up because she was imagining us with the camera and the selfies. Between bursts of laughter she was saying “Oh, it’s my turn, no it’s MY turn.. I want a turn! Me Me Me… ” I couldn’t help but crack up myself! Especially since the last round of selfies was just earlier today lmao!

Idk, it was hysterical when it was the conversation for us anyway… lol

Spell check just told me that instead of “Suzicle” I should put funicle.. wtf is that?

Anyway…. we have to find humor in not so funny issues if we want to get through them. She and I can joke about it and it’s always a learning experience because it helps her – a single – and me – a multiple – kind of get an idea of how the other thinks and processes things. It would be so nice to have that with my sisters… maybe one day it will happen. They are having a hard time with the DID coming out in the open. I’m not sorry about it either. With what I am going through these past months just put me over the edge and the dam burst and they all want to be known and acknowledged. I don’t have the control I did with them that I did, lets say a year and a half ago. When something needs to come out it needs to come out whether everyone likes it or not.

That’s all I wanted to say. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day or night or whatever lol.

~namaste~ Diane (April 7, 2014)

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