Today’s Tarot Card ~ 1 The Magician

Today’s card I picked is The Magician. 

1 The Magician

Interpretation: This is your time, the start of something successful. 

What you do now is important, since it will create your future. This is a time of magic and creativity in your life; the right time for magic to happen in any sphere of your life, work, home, relationships. You are ready to begin to realize your full potential., and now would be a good time for you to study subjects that will shape your future, but beware of others’ motives in a selfish world. People have their own motives at heart and are out for what they can get. You have control over your life if you seek it, or realize you always had it. Creative ventures such as art, music, and the media are favored here.

Labradorite will help protect you, boost your aura and making the magic happen around you. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, speedily carries your words and thoughts, which can help them become reality. You will need more energy to achieve your goals, and your sacral chakra stores this energy for when you need it most. Place your crystal, and focus your energy, here.

Laboradite Heart

That’s my well used Labradorite Heart crystal… the picture does not do it justice as it has much depth to it and some really interesting inclusions that make it seem deeper than it is.

Does this card resonate for you? I know it does me.

~namaste~ Diana (April 9, 2014)