Tonights Tarot Card ~ Knight of Swords

Tonight I asked the Tarot for relationship advice… the card I was given was the Knight of Swords. 

King of Swords


So here we go…

The Night of Swords: Interpretation: Your plans are taking shape, and you need decisive action right now, so go straight to the source of any problems. 

You have a strong analytical mind; use this asset well. Do not be immature as it is not a time for emotions to cloud your view. Sapphire supports this, acting as a call to action and promoting your intellect. Your throat chakra gives you clear and direct communication so focus your energy here, but avoid being tactless or over-critical. You can express your thoughts plainly without offending your friends.

Well I don’t know about this one… I tried having a conversation with someone very close and all I got was yelled at. I really don’t know. Maybe I’m just meant to be and die alone. Very depressed right now. 😥

Namaste ~ Diana (April 10, 2014)

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