Hope Springs Eternal

The other day I was feeling all out of sorts… still am a bit today. I’m trying not to think about the foreclosure, the busted water heater, having no money to move out and the ejectment. So far, no court date so no ejectment papers. (Wait, I’m going to check it now, I don’t think I checked the court site since friday morning… here is the best news: No matches found!” I find myself holding my breath whenever I go onto the court site. In some states you can look up any case information like criminal, family, housing etc. if you have a name.) 

Anyway after a good afternoon and night with my hunnybunny – we went to a couple of stores and then later on that night a birthday party for his ex-wife. One big way you can tell if you have a good man if they have good relationships with their ex’s. I called it a date night 🙂 and I am grateful that his ex’s like me as well.

So, I was feeling the feathery fingers of panic and anxiety setting in so I flipped my Angel Message Calendar…. here it is:

April 13

I set my intention that things will work out exactly when they are meant to, staying positive no matter what anyone says and I take this to heart because you are the only one who can change your mind… others may think it was them but truly you are the only one who can change your mind. However being a multiple that is hard to do and I can’t just do it like the singles can. Imagine trying to calm down 5 other people as well as myself… ugh.. 5 is just a random number because at last count with Marion we came up with 27 alters… so yeah not easy to keep everyone calm and positive. I also set my intent that my family finds me easier to understand and accept us for who and what we are.

Then I looked at my Daily Verse Calender and this is what that one says:

Hebrews 3-5

So basically The Universe is telling me to trust and calm the hell down. Things will be there when we need them, me and my altars need to keep the faith and not waver… easier said than done people. You may have only you in your head but me…. EISH! It’s more than a full-time job, because it is actually a non stop job multiplied by whoever else is around.

That’s all for now… and I feel hopeful and I don’t feel the others stirring just yet so I am going to enjoy a movie. 🙂 Then later on I will (Hopefully remember) pull my daily Tarot Card.

namaste ~ Diana (April 13. 2014)

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