Crystal Tarot For The Day – Seven Swords

7 Swords


The Seven Swords Interpretation: Don’t let others take your power.

You may find dishonesty and false prophets, but hold on to your dreams. Amber was carried and worn by ancient people to protect them in battle. It will protect you in your battles, whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. Amber will also help you materialize your dreams. Don’t hide yourself away; take responsibility and move forward. Your crown chakra connects you to your spirit guides, who will guide you through troubled waters until you can bathe in the calm pool of success.

For me this means keep my eyes and ears open but don’t sabotage myself by getting anxious or depressed. The Collective has been quiet and settled the past couple/few days and that is good. My only problem is where some of them who were out the past couple weeks or so put stuff. lol

I’ve sort of been hiding away because not everyone accepts the fact that I have DID. They don’t understand and sometimes put their own twist on it and just tell me to “Take Care Diana” and don’t want to be bothered with me. I may only have one body but there are many that live there and share it. My responsibility is to be true to myselves. Just because we can be rejected does not mean we are not worthy or deserving of friendships. Friendships with family and friends. On the outside I am still a sister, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, an acquaintance, a lover etc… on the inside, you never know who is looking out the eyes or listening but not necessarily ‘out front’. Even when different ones are out front, The Body is still The Body. We make have our own look, way of doing things… but we don’t necessarily know about these changes unless someone tells us.

So we will see what the future brings, Easter is coming, my nephew just got engaged and my sister Celine is the party queen… Saki ain’t so bad herself with parties 🙂

It’s raining like hell here and I am loving it!!! So on that note…

I hope this card has some meaning for you too.

~namaste~ Diana (April 15, 2014)