Crystal Tarot of the Day ~ Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups Interpretation: Everything your heart desires is in your hands; the tide is washing all you need toward you.

Let your emotions run free, or you might chain yourself to the rise and fall of these tides. You are sensitive to the feelings of others and in harmony with your own feelings. Focusing on your brow chakra will help build your awareness of other people’s emotions. The Queen of Cups also indicates you have the spirit to be a good healer, compassionate, empathic, and kind-hearted. Malachite is a deep healing crystal which can help you on this path. It is also good for bringing balance to your emotions.

For me this card was picked not only with the intent of a message for us but also for what crystal we need as well. One place I like to go is to Talisman to look at the crystals she has there plus there plus there is such a positive vibe. I’m hoping to pick up a Malachite heart… have to see what she has on hand there later on. 🙂

My “mood” today is me, Diane. Diana isn’t able to come forward so it is me that will be getting stuff done today… I don’t like to be out because usually DieAnne can come out front easier with me here. Not sure how to prevent that but we will do our best. DieAnne’s last ‘compromise’ is almost healed totally now. That’s a positive thing. The negative thing is we are on the verge of a panic attack and I don’t know why or what set this off. I have to remember this from my sister Saki:

past present LisaShe needs to find me one for panic attacks… lol

Ok, time to get dressed so we can get out later on…

~namaste~ Diane (April 16, 2014)