Crystal Tarot Card of the Day ~ Ten Cups

10 Of Cups


Ten Cups Interpretation: Happiness and fulfillment are here or within easy reach.

You are traveling the right path and nearing your goal. There is a strong focus on the family and close friends. Your inner circle of people are important; they are creating a safe place for you. This is a time for harmony and understanding, a peaceful phase where everything is running smoothly. Angel aura quartz brings you nurture, harmony, love and peace. A stable and satisfying, sexually committed relationship is suggested. The Ten Cups can also represent a sudden revelation or answer, like seeing the light. This could lead to a new beginning. 

I like the fact that we are traveling the right path and nearing our goal. The strong focus on family confuses me as they are really not making an effort to see how me or my son are doing with going through the shit we are going through. Maybe the strong focus on family doesn’t have to mean blood relatives. I look at my son, my boyfriend and others in my life as family… family does not always mean blood… except for my son of course. I believe my new beginning is with my boyfriend, we have been together just 3+ months but it seems as if we have known each other forever. ❤ we have actually not spent one day apart and I’m not crawling up the walls lol. I am very blessed that we found each other. He loves me DID and all. Eh, I’m sure he likes some of us more than others lol. I know my son’s favorite is still Roxy. *le sigh* lol

I would love to have a sudden revelation or answer…. if I get it, I will let you know!

Does this card hold any meaning for you?

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~Namaste~ Diana (April 18, 2014)