Crystal Tarot Card of the Day ~ 7 Pentacles

7 Pentacles


Seven Pentacles Interpretation: You are getting there, but there is still more work to do. 

You are beginning to ee the rewards of your work, and although there may now be a pause in your progress, this is not the moment to be lazy. It is time to think carefully before deciding on your next move, and remember, sometimes the answer is staring you in the face. Focus your meditations on your crown chakra to connect you to your spirit guides, who will help. Tanzanite can help you connect with your unseen helpers and brings positive energy, promoting magical outcomes.

I’ll be keeping my eyes focused closer to hopefully whatever answer I get I am able to realize it… knock me over the head please and be so obvious I can’t miss it! I hope this card has some meaning for you…

For those of you who celebrate the holiday here is a little something for you…

Cadbury Kitty
~namaste~ DieAnne, Diane and Diana (April 19, 2014)