Daily Crystal Tarot ~ King of Cups ~ Again!

King of Cups


King of Cups Interpretation: You are surrounded by the flow of energy around you.

This will be a tide of change, but just like the sea, these waves are not always smooth. Surprises will come your way, as long as you think carefully and are watchful where you step next, these will be pleasant and unexpected. You will need to use all your diplomatic skills and wisdom. Vanadinite will help you stay level-headed and calm. Seek counsel from those you trust. Focus on your crown chakra to enhance your wisdom. 

This is the second time this card picked me. The first time I think I cheated and posted a picture of the interpretation. lol Anyway, everything is pointing to good things for us soon…  I just have to be watchful of who I trust with these situations I am dealing with… If I don’t watch my step in any of the situations I am forced to deal with… let’s just say that I will be on guard and hanging on to hope. I need to get me some Vandanite! xoxo

Is there meaning here for you? Let me know! I’d love to hear what it means for ya! If it means nothing for you, that’s ok too.


~namaste~ Diana (April 20, 2014)

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