Daily Tarot Card ~ XII The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man Interpretation: You may be dreamy, moody, or in a stagnant relationship but this is a time of transition and change. 

It’s an opportunity for you to change your life, and although this may require some sacrifice, inspiration will come, allowing you to surmount any barriers in your way. You have lots of knowledge, but you are not putting it to use. Alter your mindset and change the way you look at things. Perhaps you need to see things from another perspective and go with the flow, which sometimes means waiting for events to unfold. Perhaps you need some time to look inside yourself. New possibilities will appear for you, but you will need to let go of some old ideas and beliefs to make impossibilities become possible. Neptune warns of others’ deception and your own illusion. You may need to draw on Neptune;s creativity so you can see the absurdity of old ideas. Change is coming, which can be uncomfortable, but all change is good in the long run. Aquamarine will aid the flow and ease these changes in your life. Your brow chakra helps you to clarify your experiences and understand your world better.

I have been feeling like I’m facing a huge wall preventing me from breaking through… Lost, scared and alone in the universe… I have family and friends that love me so I’m not talking about that kind of “alone.” I’ve been feeling more and more that who or whatever source is out there has become unattainable and just out of my reach. I need the wall to come down. I feel”unplugged” like I’m just all alone spiritually. This feeling has intensified lately and something I have been drawn to in the past I am being drawn to really study now. I finally picked up a book at Talisman about being Wiccan so I will be reading this and writing in my Book of Shadows. We will see where this takes me… don’t get me wrong, it is not Satanism or anything like that. People hear Wiccan or Witch and they go straight to the negative, Wicca is not like that. Also a Pentagram is not evil, it is actually a symbol of protection.

With this card I set my intent to be about Wicca and my situation also if it is something I need to be doing. I am not without belief that there is a source out there that is male and female… we did not get here by accident. This cards message just verifies that I may have found a path back to my connection with the universe. I know I will run into opposition with some people if I choose this path but if it is calling me I will answer.

Love & Light ~namaste~ Diana (April 23, 2014)