Daily Tarot Card ~ XXI The World

I decided to focus my intent when picking a card on just some advice in general. I didn’t have anything specific in mind, just what The Universe wants me to know today. This card has never come up for me so I’m curious….

XXI The World


XXI The World Interpretation: Success, celebration, completion.

This cycle is coming to its end, as Saturn suggests, you receive the rewards you have worked for. It’s a time to celebrate, but the warning here is not to let indecision stop you from achieving well-earned success. This is the moment for expansion, new people, and new opportunities, because although Saturn implies endings, every ending is a new beginning. So look for the potential of your next journey. As the wreath suggests, this journey is continuous and The Fool (The Fools interpretation is Bringing a new beginning and I am a spiritual traveler at the start of a journey.) is your next step. Now is the time to be content with your accomplishments, integrating all you have learned on this path. 

The World also shows the four elements, representing connection both to those people around and the powers above you. It can show a yearning for spiritual knowledge and reaching for higher levels of understanding and self-development. Quarts crystal heals on the physical and spiritual levels, and meditating with your crystal now will help point to your next move. Your dreams will manifest, bringing happiness and fulfillment.

This is such a wonderful confirmation that I am supposed to learn about Wicca and the more I read, the more I feel content in the middle of this storm I am in. I am already experiencing the new beginnings and they are wonderful and exasperating at the same time… which is basically what this card tells me. I am yearning for the knowledge and higher levels of understanding… and I think I will stop here and read my book The Witches Book of Answers that I got at Talisman a few days ago.

Love & Light ~Namaste~ Diana (April 25, 2014)