Daily Tarot Card ~ VIII Strength

One thing I noticed about the cards.. the past 4 days (Including today) cards from the Major Arcana – Major Arcana means “great secrets” and it is made up of 22 unique cards, numbered 0-21. (0-XXI) These cards represent the archetype of man; every one, in part, within each of us. We recognize them, and they produce natural reactions and feelings in us all, such as distrust of The Devil and fear of Death. These cards tend to indicate major events or relate to important issues. (I have a lot of that going on in my life now for sure)

In case you were wondering there is a Minor Arcana which is known as the “lesser secrets”. The Minor Arcana is compromised of four suits similar to standard playing cards. There are no jokers and there is an extra court card, the knight in each suit.

As you can see from past postings you will see many of them but I have never pulled 5 Major cards in a row. Yes, earlier I said 4 days in a row… remember the last post had 2 cards pick me from the Major Arcana.

Here is todays card and I will be reading it as I type and then meditating on it. My intent was again for general information on my path, suggestions, realizations whatever… so the card that picked me was VIII Strength.

VIII Strength


Strength VIII Interpretation: You may be at a crossroads in your life where anything is possible. 

Rely on your inner strength and believe in possibilities. Step boldly forward and take control of your destiny. Sometimes you will need to be patient and stand firm on issues that are important to you. But stick with it, and any issues will resolve in your favor, don’t hide from any problems and emotions that may arise from this; deal with them, because blocking your emotions can lead to ill-health. Even though you are confident and strong, you will also need to be tolerant and understanding toward others; not everyone can keep going at your pace. The sign Leo reinforces your inner strength and self-awareness, giving you the courage to face situations as they arise and take responsibility for your actions. 

Citrine, the stone of energy, abundance, and empowerment, will help you. It reminds you to have fun and enjoy your success, but not at the expense of others. Your sacral chakra stores the energy you will need to fulfill your destiny. Place your citrine crystal on your sacral chakra to help you find creative solutions to any problems. 

chakra cleansing

1 – Base Chakra

2 – Sacral Chakra

3 – Solar Plexus

4 – Heart Chakra

5 – Throat Chakra

6 – Third Eye Chakra

7 – Crown Chakra

That’s all for now… I need to meditate on this one…. there is so much negative that I have to clear to make room for the positive and I am doing that. Reading my book (See yesterdays post for what book I’m reading.) has settled me quite a bit and I am thankful to The Goddess for that.

Love & Light ~ Namaste ~ Diana (April 26, 2014)

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