Daily Tarot Card – XX Judgment

Ok, this is the 5th day I have had a card from the Major Arcana pop out for me. This is the 6th card in a row from it… I’m not sure what that means but whatever it is I am learning and becoming more settled within. With having DID that is a huge blessing. The messages are right on target for me. I hope you find some meaning as well.

XX Judgment

XX Judgment Interpretation: Liberation; a new-found freedom. 

Look inside yourself to find your true path and discover what it is that you are on this planet to achieve. This is about changing your ways and not blaming anyone — not even yourself — for your past mistakes. It’s a time for honesty, both with others and more importantly, yourself. Focus your energies on your crown chakra and you will find a new wisdom, a spiritual awakening, leading to a rebirth of ideas and projects. Embrace these opportunities and don’t let your fears stop you from moving forward. This may also be a period of judgment, reviewing past actions, or perhaps someone from the past will re-enter your life or influence it. This can go way back to childhood, or even past lives, and you may have a feeling this is happening without realizing exactly who or what is affecting you. Pluto, Judgement’s associated planet, influences the transformation you are going through by helping you to learn from your efforts and error.

Fire opal is the crystal you need now. It will help you to see both the past and future and relieve any symptoms of burnout you may be feeling at this very active time in your life.

Wow. What a strong card for me now. I’ve been searching and questioning and doubting… but since I started studying Wicca and learning about The Goddess it makes me feel at ease, less stressed and more centered. A lot of what it is about, I’ve been doing all along… not just me, Diana, but quite a few of my altars as well. It just fits like a comforting blanket wrapping me in love and positivity. There is a Great Source out there whether you call it God, Jesus, The Goddess or The One… there are many different names. Nothing negative, this has nothing to do with negativity… aka the devil. Evil and negativity have no place here.

Love & Light ~namaste~ Diana (April 27, 2014)