Mystical Cats Daily Tarot ~ Shield of Sekhmet (5-2-14)

Shield of Sekhmet Spread May 1 2014

This spread is called the Shield of Sekhmet.  

Shield of Sekhmet

Sekhmet is one of our revered deities, an Egyptian lioness goddess whose name means “the one who is powerful.” In ancient Egypt, she was invoked in times of war to ensure victory and celebrated in times of peace for her powers of healing and reconciliation. This three-card spread is based on a gold aegis, or breastplate shield., with a likeness of Sekhmet (ca. 900-750 BCE) Use this spread when you need to connect with the source of your personal power. 

1. What weakens you?

2. What strengthens you?

3. How can you best use your power?

just a paw touch

Here are my cards and their explanations:

Card 1

Card 1 The Hermit reversed

This is the first card for my spread. Yes, I know it’s upside down but there is also meaning if the card comes to you reversed like this one did. 

IX The Hermit In General:

The Hermit retreats to the highest branches of a magical pomegranate tree to meditate on the Mysteries. Though he prefers his solitude, occasional visitors are welcome–but like the pomegranates, the Hermit doesn’t offer the fruits of his wisdom easily. There must be some effort involved; the ancient tree of knowledge must be climbed. Alone in his lofty retreat, the Hermit has the perspective to see far and the detachment to come to a calm comprehension of what he observes. Cats who are in the active rush of life’s adventures can’t always see the big picture. The Hermit sees and understands. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Step away from the bustle of your daily life and find the inner stillness you need. Don’t expect to understand the deeper meaning of life if you are constantly engaged i activities and busyness. Wisdom requires making time for introspection.

If the card is reversed… (Like mine is)

Too much solitude is as harmful as too much society. Even the most dedicated solitaires need some connection with others to keep things in perspective and prevent an inner spiral downward. Consider whether you have withdrawn from the world too much, and if so, consider your reasons.

Card 2

Card 2 V The Priest

Second card: V The Priest

V The Priest In General:

Cats follow their own conscience. We think for ourselves. No external authority can tell a cat what is sacred and worthy of reverence. But we do have traditions and teachings that are handed down and held in respect. In our holy temples the priests are responsible for preserving and interpreting the Cat Mysteries, the tales of the clan, and the songs of the Cat Goddess herself. The rites must be observed, and we honor the Priest for his willingness to dedicate his lives to this service. If our faith in ourselves should falter, he sets our paws back on the path. 

The Cat’s Advice:

Having more structure and discipline in your spiritual life may be helpful now. Even the most independent thinker can benefit from guidance by those who are knowledgeable and experienced in holy teachings. The great religions and mythologies hold vast treasure stores of wisdom, all born from the same longing for understanding and meaning. Seek universal truths from trusted sources.

Card 3

Card 3 VII The Chariot

Third Card: VII The Chariot

VII The Chariot in General:

Cats enjoy the thrill of seeing how far our personal power will take us. Not just feats of physical prowess–our innate magnetism and psychic strength carry us onward through any challenge. This cat is commanding his spirited steeds by the focused intention of his will alone. He knows where he wants to go, and without a doubt he will get there. When a cat is in full control of his own destiny, no obstacle in his path will impede his progress.

The Cat’s Advice:

You are in charge of your life. When you believe in your purpose, the universe will work with you toward greatness. Your success is assured, but you must take action to set it in motion. Don’t let anyone else drive your chariot now; interference from others, or even assistance if it’s not asked for can impede your progress. Clarify your intentions, make a plan, gather your resources, then move forward.


What these cards mean for me… Card 1 hits home because of the reversal.. I was at a point where I just could not leave my house and wanted to be alone. It panicked me to go anywhere or have anyone show up or even just wanted me to join them somewhere. The only place I felt safe leaving the house for was for my therapy sessions. That has gotten better. In considering my reasons, it was Heidi coming out and turning me – The Collective – into someone who could never leave home without panic. I was afraid for anyone to see the real me, especially when all I would do was bawl my eyes out. I would get a dagger of fear if someone knocked on my door. There were actually times I would hide. That drastic reaction has changed much more for the positive. It is/was an irrational fear.

Card 2 hits home as well… I need to structure my time in my search for total peace. I have knowledgeable people in my life I can go to for answers that I do not get during meditation… even then sometimes I need to know what certain things that happened mean for me. I have to be more disciplined and write in my Book of Shadows. These cards know me too well lol.

As for card 3, oh my God… just go back and read that and I could not have said it any better. I AM IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE!! Are YOU? Say it with me out loud: I AM IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it has some meaning for you… please share if it does, I love to hear how The Cards affect your life too.

~Namaste~ Diana (May 2, 2014)

p.s. Did you notice all three cards are from the Higher Arcana. (Major Arcana means “great secrets” and it is made up of 22 unique cards, numbered 0-21. (0-XXI) These cards represent the archetype of man; every one, in part, within each of us. We recognize them, and they produce natural reactions and feelings in us all, such as distrust of The Devil and fear of Death. These cards tend to indicate major events or relate to important issues. (I have a lot of that going on in my life now for sure). In case you were wondering there is a Minor Arcana which is known as the “lesser secrets”. The Minor Arcana is compromised of four suits similar to standard playing cards. There are no jokers and there is an extra court card, the knight in each suit.) I really need to pay attention as these are more “serious” card messages than the Lesser Arcana.