Tarot Card of the Day ~ Earth King

Earth King Reversed

The Earth King:

Like his mate, the Earth King works to protect and provide for his family and clan. He is benevolent and warm-hearted, and all those who draw near him feel secure in his presence. Beyond the present generations of cats, he is also aware of past generations— the paws that have walked his territory before him— and the responsibility he bears to those ancestors to keep the peace. This king’s kindness, generosity, and earthy practicality endear him to every cat he meets in his own clan and abroad.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me)

If the card is reversed… it may be time to tell those who depend on you that they need to stand on their own and handle their own problems, especially financial or other material concerns. You’re not doing them any favors by supporting them into a state of dependency. It’s kinder and more helpful in the long run to let them take care of themselves.

OIY! This card.. what can I say? This card hits home in so many ways that I don’t want to deal with. Let me say it again I DO NOT want to deal with. There are issues going on and I am still trying to help out others when I have nothing concrete to give. But I give anyway if I can. I’m not saying more because it is personal and doesn’t belong here in cyberspace. I will say the card is telling (advising) me of something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Funny thing was I was looking at the box (It’s the “Featured Image”) I was wondering if there was a card with that cat on it…. haha it picked me so the answer is yes there is! lol 😉

Well, I will go and watch the last half of the race (It’s ‘Dega Baby!!!) and see if I can actually watch it straight through without reading something else… lol Another panic attack day. I or I should say Heidi is the one who woke today and all I feel is dread and a waiting to see what bad thing happened or is going to happen. Diana is trying to get is to think positive thoughts… you can join in and send prayers, Reiki or any other positive energies… it would be much appreciated.

~namaste~  Heidi & Diane (May 4, 2014)