Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ Ten of Fire

Ten of Fire Reversed

Yes, I know it’s upside down, when the card is reversed it holds a different meaning from right side up.

Ten of Fire:

The Fire Cat council shown in the Nine has lost control of the Fire! Too much energy was channelled at once, and the resulting burst of power is too hot for the cats to handle. Even spiritual fervor can become too much if not used wisely. The collective intention has shattered — it’s every vat for herself now.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me)

The energy is grounding itself, and things will be calmer soon Don’t feel that you need to rush around putting all the little fires out — they will take care of themselves or others will handle it. Don’t take on too much or dissipate your strength through fretfulness.

Well me oh my. Yet again my card is right on the nose. I’m so happy to know things will get calmer. I have also been trying to dissipate any negativity… Yeah, I’ve hugged a couple of trees. 😉 No, seriously, I have! Asking The Goddess to use the tree to rid me of any negativity or negative entities, send it back to Mother Earth to be cleansed and used for the highest good of the universe. Me included as I am part of the universe… so are you. 

This was supposed to be posted yesterday after my card picked me but I am having a hard time staving off panic attacks and keeping my mind focused. With alters popping in and out it is not easy. Something is nagging at one or more of us and it’s trying to make me nuts. I need silence and understanding right now as I am feeling so overwhelmed that I could just fall splat on the floor and melt through it and disappear. That cannot happen, I need to find out why we are overwhelmed and go from there.

I will try to post todays card today a bit later on… thanks for understanding or at least trying to. 🙂

~namaste~ Diana & Diane (May 5, 2014)