~ Crystals ~

I figure if I tell you all about the crystals I have aquired over the past years it will also help me to remember their uses and properties. I get my information from a few places, the first being “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. It’s a great book with lots of information. I also get information from Laura and China (as well as Laura’s son) down at Talisman in Monroe Ct.  Another source of information is Jane Russo and her Spirit Brother Lou… you can find her on Meetup under All-Ways Enrich Your Spirit. (She is also my Reiki Master.) Oh, and I also have “The Crystal Experience” by Judy Hall as well. If you look up The Crystal Bible from the Crystal Bible link above you may find information on that book as well. I don’t work or promote or expect you to go running to get the books, just that I like Barnes and Noble. Their site is good for giving information on books before you buy them. lol I use it like a library, I grab some books that I think I want and grab a chair and go through them and usually buy something. Not these days though. The newest place I found thanks to Laura of Talisman is Mother Earth Mining Company in Brookfield Ct. (She has music when her site opens so you may want to turn your volume down prior to clicking on the link.)

Before I posted any crystals I have (or may want to get) I wanted to give a brief overview of this category. This way you know where my information is coming from and the sources can be verified. I look at a select few web sites as well that provide information too.

If you find an issue with any of the links I post, please let me know so I can fix it.

~namaste~ Diana (May 13, 2014)