Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ VIII Strength (Reversed)

VIII Strength Reversed

VIII Strength:

Instinct is a powerful force. No creature knows this better than we do. We are guided by our instincts, which tell us when we are safe or in danger, when we should act or remain still, what we should eat, whom we should trust. But we are not slaves to these natural inclinations; we are far too evolved for that. Cats are masters of self-control when it is called for. Even the most powerful impulse of our nature–to hunt our prey–can be subdued by the strength of our character. Nothing is more ferocious than a cat, and when we choose, nothing is more gentle.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Don’t make excuses that some things are just beyond your control. Take responsibility for your decisions and actions. You are strong enough to overcome any obstacle, including ones that come from within yourself. Draw upon your inner reserves of courage and nobility.

Instincts. Damn. I’m still on training wheels there… yikes… what do I do and I’m (we haha) the only one to ask and then follow through… Shit. 

Ok, time to follow the instincts…

~namaste~ Diane (May 14, 2014)