Little Blessings & Big Blessings

Reiki Hand

Even though things are still on edge with us… the bills piling up, waiting on the notice of ejectment from my home… there is still some positive things happening. I always use my Reiki and I know it will go for the highest good. I also pray to The Goddess (I’m Wiccan) for the best outcomes and doing no harm.

Today we got a big blessing.. I had a friend (Lips and his g/f) take me to the pawn shop to sell some old jewelry (one piece being a ring an ex girlfriend gave me) and Josie (my guitar). The one piece from that passive aggressive drug addict ex is now out of my life. I didn’t want that bad energy around me any longer. We got a decent amount for what I brought in so there is one blessing because it was more than I thought. Not nearly enough to cover everything I need to pay, but it is a start and a big relief.

We also got another blessing… you see whenever I am in my car or Lips car I feel safe because I reikied both of them. My car is running on reiki for sure. lol I reiki everything pretty much lol.

On the way back we got stopped by a cop, Lips thought he ran a stop sign. Immediately I reikied and sent a request to The Goddess for a positive outcome. The funny thing is the cop came to MY window… I was sitting in the back seat on the passenger side. He got Lips info and then asks me for my license. I’m thinking – um, ok and gave it to him. Come to find out Lips was pulled over because the cop thought I threw some papers out the window. I didn’t and told him that the only think I may have tossed out was a cigarette butt. He said ok and we were on our way. Needless to say I didn’t light another cig until right now. lol

If the outcome wasn’t for everyone’s highest good and no harm done, well, there would have been a different outcome. It was that awkward funny after with a big WHEW!

So there is one reason I stand by my faith and my Reiki. If you want to read more little and big blessings, or Reiki or other unique things, check out my page if you like what you see share it, like it and help me reach 100 likes… I’m only at 42 right now. 🙂

We’re feeling better now, but boy is Roxy going to be pissed we sold Josie (Her guitar).

That’s all for now…

~namaste~ Diana (May 15, 2014)