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Labradorite Heart

A Labradorite Heart. Cat fur not included… I actually tried to wipe it off the screen then I realized it was on my heart lol.

This one picked me one day about 2 years ago at Talisman. The picture does not do it justice, those blue flecks… imagine looking at the stone in your hand in the sunlight! Words cannot describe the beauty and depth this Labradorite heart has. I just wish I could get the picture to be as beautiful as the stone but if you look close you can see the different layers there. To me it looks like moss in a pond in spots then I get a blue flash… it’s a great stone to gaze into and meditate on. It transports me. ❤ Here is some information again from The Crystal Bible and what it means for me. If you want the entire description, go check out the book!




Attributes: Iridescent Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. It forms a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy. It can take you into another world or into other lives. A stone of esoteric knowledge, it facilitates initiation into the mysteries. Labradorite stimulates the art of “right timing”, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and facilitating their understanding. This is good for me due to dealing with DID/MPD I need the messages and the understanding so maybe someday I won’t have to wonder if “I’ll”wake up or someone else took over (again). So far so good. I’ve (Diana) been here since October 8 2014. If you are confused or just curious about what the hell I’m talking about check out these pages: Don’t Put All Your Eggs… and About

Even though there is no sunshine here today, I think that I will meditate on my Labradorite heart in a little while. ❤

The cool thing may be that I just found out my sister Saki may have a Labradorite heart as well and we will have to compare next time we see each other. Yes, cool, very cool.

That’s all for now…

~namaste~ Diana (May 16, 2014)

2 thoughts on “~Crystals~ Labradorite

  1. the trick to labradorite photography is not using an on camera flash. you need an external light source angled for maximum color on the stone, then you position the camera and snap the pic.


    1. You’re absolutely right… I got the pic the best I could with my galaxy and that reminds me… I have an actual camera not just my galaxy lol Thank you for that! I’ll have to experiment.
      ~Blessings~ Diana


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