Daily Mystical Cat Tarot ~ XV Demon Cat (Reversed)

XV Demon Cat Reversed

XV Demon Cat:

Ruthless, sinister, toying with prey and taking pleasure in its pain–this is what some ignorant people think is the nature of all cats. In truth, most cats are not cruel, but the potential lies within each of us if we throw off our veneer of civilization. Separated from love and gentleness, nature becomes all tooth and claw. Whether through abuse or neglect or simply harsh circumstances, the worst part of a cat’s character may come to the fore. Many of us have felt this demon within threatening to overtake us. Most of us manage to contain the wicked impulses, taming our temper, smoothing our ruffled fur. The Demon Cat is trapped inside the thorny thicket of his own malevolence.

The Cat’s Advice – (Reversed Card for me):

Your spirit has turned toward the light, and liberation is at hand. The control that harmful habits or actions have had over you is diminishing and may be vanquished altogether. Bring your willpower to the fore and make permanent positive changes. Seek the support of encouraging allies to help  through this transitional time.

My intent for today was just a message, nothing specific but something I need to know. I got it. I have felt my spirit lighter lately, like the past few days lately. It’s not fully there but we’re on the right path. Harmful habits and actions… yes, there are some and I am grateful that the control they have had over me will diminish. We’ve got some work to do! Thank you God/dess.

~namaste~ Diana (May 16, 2014)