Animal Totems ~ Bees

For the last week or so, maybe longer, I’ve had a Carpenter Bee dancing around my living room window. It’s fun to watch such a huge bee be so agile. The way it switches direction in a split second then just hover then take off is quite interesting to watch. This is the window I sit by mostly. So I decided to look it up. I found this information: 


Busiest and most useful of insects so it is time to examine your own productivity in life (mentally, physically, spiritually), shows how to communicate effectively, teaches how to carry loads and ideas to make them productive, teaches concentration and empowerment with lightness and agility. Are you reaping the honey of life by your dreams and opportunities? Are you productive in your actions? Dedication, working with others and working hard will propel you towards your goals.

I believe that it being a Carpenter Bee with everything going on in my life right now means I will get help from others. It’s hard work for me to ask and no one knows you need help unless you tell them you do. It’s really hard because I’ve always been very independent and resourceful and I want it stay that way. Right now it can’t. So I have to ask and let people in. That’s hard as well lol. 

I can’t wait to pull my Tarot Card later and see what that has to say for me. For now I will watch the end of the Nationwide Race and then start making my “noms” (pasta salad with tuna and a bunch of other good stuff!) Marian named it. lol


~Blessings~ Diana (May 18, 2014)